How to choose a kids bedding set

Sleep affects the health of children and plays a very important role in their development. Sleep helps children to restore the spent energy and gain new strength to grow. Young parents try to make their miracle sleep calmer and more comfortable. A bed with all its bedding is chosen according to the tastes of kids. Special attention should be paid if you choose bed linen for a baby.

Bed linen is sold in sets or as a separate element. It is much more practical to buy a set of bed linen and a few more pieces of sheets, as they often become dirty. You can see only sets of sheets on sale, which are packed in 2-3 or more pieces.

A newborn child should have 2 sets of linen for a change and 4-5 sheets. Since children grow very quickly, this amount of laundry will be enough for the next 2-3 years.

When choosing bedding, pay attention to the material. It should be made exclusively of natural fabrics such as cotton, silk or linen. The durability of children’s underwear depends on the density of the fabric structure. You should take such fabrics such as cotton, satin or calico.

Before buying pillowcases, sheets and duvet covers, make sure that they match the size of your child’s pillow, mattress and blanket. Different manufacturers may have significantly different sizes of underwear.

Pay attention to the method of fixing a blanket and the position of the hole in a duvet cover. The hole can be in the centre, in a transverse or lateral longitudinal seam. There are such methods of fixing blankets as buttons, zippers and velcros. Buttons can cause inconvenience to your child. If the button comes off, the child will be able to swallow it and harm their health. Therefore, the most reliable option will be either velcro or zipper.

The sheet should have a size slightly larger than the size of the baby’s mattress, so it can be gently bent. Then the sheet will not crumple and it will not form folds.

Fleece, terry or flannel sheet will be suitable when it is cold. If the sheet is of a good quality, the baby will be more comfortable and warmer.

There are disposable and reusable sheets that help to avoid unpleasant “surprises”. Disposable sheets are very similar to a diaper by the method of manufacture. Such a sheet should be thrown away after getting wet. A reusable sheet has a double-layer surface; it is made of flannel or terry cloth with inner layer, which is waterproof.

Once you have decided about the size and shape of bed linen, it is necessary to proceed to the choice of colors. Avoid dark, gloomy tones, as they have a negative impact on a human psyche. The best choice will be pastel light colors without colorful patterns and abstractions.

Wash and iron the purchased baby bed linen. Keep in mind that the paint should not shed, otherwise this linen is not suitable for children. Buy bed linen for cots made only of 100% natural fabrics.

In the future, when your baby becomes older, you will have to pay attention to its taste, then the child will be happy to fall asleep in its bed and have pleasant dreams!


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